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Vorder Sänntum - Barrhorn

The tour to the Barrhorn is best planned as two-day tour: with day one made-up of a 2-hour hike to the Turtmannhütte alpine hut where you can get a good night’s rest. Next morning you then move on over boulders and rocky slopes to Gässi –name of a steep gully secured with ropes and iron bars. Following this key point, a long and climbing passage now leads over the moraine of the Brunegg Glacier. Steep hairpin bends then lead to the Schöllijoch; followed by fields of rubble to Inners Barrhorn and finally, in an extraordinarily steep and difficult climb due to the thin air at this altitude, a demanding ascent takes you to the main summit, namely Üssers Barrhorn.

From here all efforts are duly rewarded with incredible views, including plenty of four-thousand-and-more-meter-high summits, amidst which the Mischabel and Monterosa ranges, with particularly impressive close-up views of the mighty Weisshorn In addition.

The return journey leads over the same path. Important! Even in summer the temperature can quickly drop below freezing at this altitude, warm clothing is therefore a must (including gloves). Furthermore, the path may have scattered icy patches early in the morning.


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